Thursday, September 18, 2008

Giveaway, Oh Giveaway!

I was reminded of the Primary song "Give Said the Little Stream" as I typed the title of today's entry. One of my favorites. Giving things away is another favorite thing of mine to do. Just ask my husband. I love the look on the face of the recipient. To me, it is better than receiving!
Let's get to it! You poor people have waited long enough! This is how it's going to play out. If you are indeed interested in what I have to give away, please post a comment answering this question. "What is your favorite domestic activity?" I figured since the prizes have to do with some of the domestic arts I enjoy, I would like to hear about what pleases you.
One week from today I will randomly draw three names from those who commented. Those three people will have their choice of one item from the following list:
  • One embroidered burp cloth
  • One pair of beaded socks
  • One set of two hair bows
  • One embroidered bath towel
  • One dozen cakeballs (Sorry, local winners only)(I must say, these are quite good!)
Good Luck!


Dawn said...

Does sleeping count as a domestic activity? All right then, lets go with sewing.

Are you sure you can't mail the cake balls?

Chuck Charley said...

My favourite domestic activity is to eat cake balls.

Amber Shelton said...

I love to cook when there are no children begging for other food in the kitchen. I get so much satisfaction when my family likes what I cooked. I'm in the process of losing 30 pounds though, and Stacia's cake balls don't help the matter. Those were delicious!!

MissLissa said...

Oh looks like I came by at the right time! I love crafty people, and especially crafty people who are generous!

I would have to say my favorite domestic activity would be making the bed each morning. I love it when Kylee helps too. :)
~Melissa Gentry

Chella said...

I love to organize. Bins, Labels, Shelves, Cases, Boxes, Binders, Files are all words that I can get excited about. I think sometimes my crafts get overlooked because I am too busy organizing my craft space.

Beckie said...

Are you kidding me? Like I am going to miss out on ANYTHING made by the fabulous Stacia.

Oh. Favorite... laundry. (and believe me, I have lots & lots & lots). something about fresh, beautifully folded clothes. ah.

The A Team said...

i LOVE doing dishes. there's something so satisfying about starting with a pile of gross dishes and ending up with a shiny sink. it makes me feel like i've truly accomplished something during the day if i start with the dishes after breakfast. :)

Sarah said...

ooh, good thing i checked in on you today-- i almost missed the giveaway-- thanks again for all your tips i put them to use and posted by latest bag today :D

Amanda said...

I love to homemade cut out cookies:) I do not like to clean up though!

Jennifer said...

What is a cake ball?

And you sound like Grandma.

Domestic activity? Either baking bread or crafting of some sort. I have the coolest craft room on the planet.

It was fun to talk to you last night!

The A Team said...


one word....YUMMY!!

LoriK said...

My favorite domestic activity would have to be cooking because I also enjoy eating.

LoriK said...

My favorite domestic activity would have to be cooking because I also enjoy eating.

LoriK said...

My favorite domestic activity would have to be cooking because I also enjoy eating.